Zurich Discovery Tours

Crafted for The Curious, The Explorer, and The Unconventional.

It's always an adventure to visit magnificent places. And an even better adventure is documenting it, as each experience unfolds. 

Have you ever wanted to experience your own unique photoshoot session whilst exploring a new destination? Well now you can with our Zurich discovery walks that have been perfectly crafted for people like you in mind. 



Discover Zurich in a nutshell and learn about its fascinating sites during this 90-minute photo walking tour. 

This cosmopolitan city by the water combines creative urban life with nature in all its glory.

Together we will explore Zurich’s perfect blend of contemporary and historical architecture whilst documenting your journey through its well-preserved historical heart. it beats on both sides of the Limmat River, where guild houses, churches and historic buildings, each a vestige of the past, line the romantic little cobblestone streets and adorn the hidden corners.

And since we thrive on stories;  experiencing them, creating them and discovering them, we will document your entire city journey whilst capturing both professional fashion-based portraits, to those candid moments where you are bustling with excitement.

 further we travel down the cities narrow  pathways and  picturesque squares. 

You will learn to appreciate Zurich’s skyline that is dotted with it’s many church spires; each church offering its own unique slender. 

Our Style

Our photography style is very much in line with individuals you live life to the fullest. Those of whom are very much able to just let go and be fully immersed in the moment. Living out their "true-to-them" story.


We thrive on and sharing them with the world. The kind of stories where you lose yourself in a journey of emotions and memories. 


We capture the real beauty and essence of each individual admist beautiful destinations.  In the end, delivering artistic and intimate images that have been inspired by capturing these fleeting moments 

These kinds of images are deeply inspired by capturing fleeting moments, small moments that often occur in between more significant ones as well as people in motion. They are raw and intimate, touching the soul and reflecting on the personalities of the people involved. 

The Tours

On these tours, you will be captivated by this lakeside city with a walkthrough of all the fascinating sites of its well-preserved old town. All tours cover a different aspect/theme of the 

Group Size

Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, we will make sure we create unique instagrammerable pictures that flaunts the best version of yourself in the charm of the city.

We like to keep our group sizes small and intimate and suggest a maximum of 5 individuals. Perfect for a complete family. The price quoted is per group session, so you will receive 30 professionally enhanced images that will be shared across the group. If within a group, each of you would like to have your own portfolio session, the session rate will become a "per person" rate. Should this apply we offer a 10% discount on the overall package rate and each person will receive 30 art pieces. 

Number of images and lead times

You will receive 30 professionally enhanced images per private session within a 10 day period, sent via our online shoot proof gallery. If you prefer receiving your images earlier than this time, we can asist at an additional fee of 30 CF per session.

What to wear 

Think fashionable bright and vibrant colours. This colour pallet offers a statement inducing contrast amidst Zurich's coffee toned architecture. 

Neutral colours like beiges, browns and grey can work really, offering an attractive blend into Zurich’s colour pallet. 

View our mood boards for some inspiration.

When choosing your outfit, you should consider warmth and comfortability. Keep in mind we will be walking on average 1 to 3kms. 








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