November 2021 to March 2022 - Showcasing Switzerland, Austria, France & Italy's most famed Ski Resorts 

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If you are reading this, it means that you have been selected to feature on South Africa's leading travel booking platform - Travel Start South Africa.

During the month's of November to March, we will be featuring 15 of Switzerland, Austria, France & Italy's most famed ski resorts in light of the upcoming ski season. 

Over the years we have seen an increase in the number of South African's that are booking flights, accommodation and car hire to these regions and have started to heavily promote them as leading travel destinations. We are increasingly featuring them through our Travel Start blog as well as through the 51 Countries and Counting travel platform. 

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Partner with us

In order for us to feature destinations regularly, we offer both complimentary and paid placements for our articles, in the form of Partnerships and Collaborations.


There are three packages that you can choose from to either 1) Sponsor season ski passes for two people at the ski resort as well as meal vouchers 2) Sponsor a section of the article or 3) Have an article exclusively written for you.


These options are highlighted below:

Option 1 | Hosting Package

No Cost to you

This option is ideal for Tourism Boards and Ski Resorts and is classified as a hosting package. In exchange for the promotion of your destination, you will be able to sponsor ski pass tickets for two people, for 2 - 3 times per season (main requirement), possible meal vouchers, and possible sponsorships of accommodation. 

A hosting package as such affords us an opportunity to access some of the best areas to photograph. These attractive photographs form the base of any article and assists in visually promoting each destination in depth. 

Option 2 | Sponsor a section of the article

Cost: 560 CH

For these kinds of articles, we will be featuring 5 to 8 hotels from each ski region.  Your hotel will feature along with 4 to 7 other hotels. Each hotel listed will feature 5 images along with 100 to 250 words describing the facilities and highlights of the hotel.

Option 2 | Exclusive Article

Cost: 2500 CH

If you prefer to not feature alongside other hotels you can opt for this option instead to rather have an article exclusively written for you. This article will appear independently, from all the main articles. 


For this type of article, we will feature 15 images (we will take these ourselves, or you can provide these for us) along with 1200 to 1500 descriptive words featuring the hotel's facilities including the promotion of your spa or on-sight restaurants, if this applies.

Website Link-Ups

We, unfortunately, are unable to offer you a direct link up to your website (only on the travel start platform), as we prefer to keep things in-house. Since we are South Africa's leading Travel Agency and Travel Platform, we have our own infrastructure in place for bookings. Not only are we a flight booking platform, but we are also an accommodation booking platform as well. Similar to that of You can access this through here. 

You will notice that your hotel is listed after running a search. You will find all your hotel images along with your writeups. Since we have this in place, we will link up your section of the post directly to your listing on our hotel's section.

Switzerland Articles | Featured on Travel Start 

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Switzerland Photo Gallery | Own Content



Zermatt – A Guide to Visiting Switzerland’s Most Charming Village


Things to do in Zermatt
Things to do in Zermatt

Waterfalls of Areuse Gorge Switzerland-2
Waterfalls of Areuse Gorge Switzerland-2

Things to do in Zermatt
Things to do in Zermatt

Things to do in Zermatt
Things to do in Zermatt


Complimentary benefits | Going the extra mile

As a complimentary benefit, I mirror all the articles I write for Travel Start on the 51 Countries and Counting website as well as on all my social media channels. FacebookInstagram and Pinterest aside, my work is featured daily on multiple worldwide platforms and I can proudly say that I am affiliated with so many other companies that make use of my content. The article will also be sent out through my monthly mailer to 15 000 subscribers (world wide) per month. As a result, you will further generate additional exposure of your facility.

You will find me regularly marketed by Canon Cameras, my work featured on Creative Market, Canva, You work for them, 123RF, Envato Elements,, Filter Grade, Etsy, Displate, and Print Wild to name a few. I have also been published in National Geographic previously. For reference, I have included links to this below. 

By taking part in this Collaboration, you will also receive additional marketing and will find me posting it to my Pinterest Account with 444K monthly impressions, Facebook accounts with 75 000 followers as well as on my Instagram Accounts. I try my best in going that extra mile.


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