African infused cuisine at Potluck Boskombuis

A favourite lunch stop along the Graskop route African

The ultimate riverside location for indulging in traditional African infused cuisine

If there is one person that knows the Mpumalanga region well, it is Lisa Sheard who heads up Kruger Lowveld. Last year, on a road trip around the country with Travel Massive and Ford, Lisa took it upon herself to show us a few places along the Panorama Route that your average South African had't heard of. Out of all the locations she showed us - this one effortlessly crept into my heart. There are not many restaurants out there that offered a traveler a unique dinning experience amidst SA's untouched landscapes.

Information scarcely unavailable on this place to an average tourist, the Potluck Boskombuis, is an African inspired restaurant that is nestled in the mountains of Mpumalanga. Guests to this private farm are greeted with its tranquil riverside views, appetite inducing aromas of african flavours and quirky decor.

Built by Daan de Klerk who used to picnic here as a child on this very spot, decided to create a space for his friends to come and visit. Not having the aim of going public, this space has become South Africa's best kept secret, and a favourite amongst locals.

The african sun basked down on us, as we parked the car. The parking lot is unique in itself. Park on a sand road amongst boulders reaching upwards towards the sky, whilst being surrounded by lush greenery.

Make your way down the little walk way to your left that is marked by a restaurant sign post. Choose your seat made out of tree stumps at one of the many wooden tables that lay before you.

I tried to post a few images taken with my cell on social media, and realised that there was no cell phone reception nor any wifi facilities available. It was a welcomed break. I stared out towards the Treur River as I sipped on my Savanha cider that had been poured into a tin cup.

There is no electricity here, and food is slowly prepared on vintage outdoor stoves or simply on a fire, and served in tin dishes.

The menu selection isn't huge but it covers all of South African's favourite dishes; bobotie, pap and vleis, potjiekos, to name a few. You can be assured that the delicious flavour of this African infused cuisine will leave you wanting more, despite the dish you choose. Costs per dish range from R50 with the most expensive dish being a T-bone steak for R120. The food portions are plentiful. You can view their full menu on Zomato over here. A useful tip - bring cash as they do not have card facilities.

After lunch make your way to the river for a bit of a suntan, or a photoshoot, as some of our crew did. Thats the benefit of traveling with photographers who view this setting as the perfect photoshoot location.

The toilet adds a bit of humour to this place, and gives a new meaning to a bush toilet. What looks like a tin shack is actually their temporary long drop toilet.

Getting there

Set off along the R533 and after about 26km turn off at the sign. Careful not to drive to fast, you may just miss it.

Images by Chantelle Flores ( All rights reserved.

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