Romance in Switzerland at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich

The fairytale castle has awakened

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Crown the day of lovers by spending a night in Switzerland’s most romantic hotel - The Dolder Grand. 

This luxurious hotel that resembles that of a fairytale castle, has been inundated with awards. Conde Nast Traveler has awarded The Dolder Grand the 18th spot, out of 50 of the best hotels in the world. They have also received awards such as the Best City Hotel, 2nd place as being the Best Hotel in Switzerland, and One of the 10 Best hotels in all of Europe.

They are also members of the Leading Hotels of the World and been famed by the Swiss Deluxe Hotels organization.

This 5 star city-based resort rests high above Zurich city on the Adlisberg hill. Making it a unique location for unwinding amidst privileged views of Zurich and the Alps. And depending on where you position yourself throughout the hotel, you can enjoy other views of the invigorating nature, such as panoramic views of Zurich lake and even the forest.

The Dolder Hotel has been welcoming guests for over 100 years. It has enjoyed a long-standing history as being a meeting place for the royal and political. As well as film celebrities. 

In war times, guests such as Winston Churchill and Thomas Mann have graced these premises. And in recent times, high profile people such as Nelson Mandela, Liz Taylor, Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, Prince Philip, and Mikhail Gorbachev have also all gravitated here.

And just like them, you can expect to receive a world-class service filled with celebrity treatment. 

This sought out experience could quite possibly be attributed to the commitment and dedication of the Hotel's 407+ staff members that come from 51 countries. This cultural infusion adds a unique personality and touch to the Hotel.

With this increased number of staff members, you can only begin to comprehend the size of this property. It is 40,000 square meters.

The Hotel was originally built in 1899 and has undergone extensive renovations to turn it into the haven it is today. Architecturally speaking, it retains its historic charm, yet boasts a magnitude of modernism. Even so, that it has been awarded the Hotel Design Innovation of the Year, amongst many others. 

On the premises, you can also expect to find a large pool that boats out-worldly panoramic views. As well as an incomparable spa, two-award-winning restaurants as well as fitness facilities. 

Worried about how you can fork the bill? The hotel is now accepting Bitcoin’s. It is one of the first hotels in Switzerland to have opened up this payment gateway. 


Not only is the Dolder Hotel filled to capacity with an abundance of facilities, but it also boasts 173 rooms and suites.

These are broken down into 4 room styles, each offering a varying degree of luxury. You can expect to find Junior Suites, Single and Double rooms, Suites and Residences.

With this kind of selection available, you are spoilt for choice. 

Junior suites

Spoil yourself with plentiful space. The Junior suites offer you a generous feeling of space alongside a choice of modern or classic ambiance. The bathroom is luxurious and comes with a whirlpool bath and an impressive view.  

Single and double rooms

The single and the double rooms boast a dark oak parquet and offer a generous amount of space. They range from 25 to 46 square meters in size.

And depending on which one you opt for, the views from them are panoramic to the splendors of nature. Some enjoy views of Lake Zurich or the Alps. Whilst others take in the silence of the forest.


The suites are situated in the main building and offer a sense of classic, yet contemporary elegance.

There are four artistically inspired suites that you can choose from. Each offering you plenty of space. You can choose between classic to rock 'n' roll, sculptural elegance to cinecittà. 

The Rock 'n' Roll one, for example, is inspired by the 60s and has been named after Club 100 in London.  You can expect an unconventional interior in black and pink as well as retro-style furniture. 

All suites even spoil you with an “on-call” butler service.

The Residence

Now, this is something to write home about.

The residence suites are geared for long stays, offering you a home away from home kinda vibe.  They allow you to live and work within this incredible wellness oasis and offers you an incredible degree of privacy to do so.  Even so that they come with private entrances, as would your own very home.

The Terrazza Suite is 390 square meters and boasts 3 bedrooms, each with 1 king bed, and is spread over 2 floors. A glass elevator transports you between the floors. Each room comes with its own ensuite bathroom, each with a shower and a separate bathtub. The master bedroom comes with the addition of having a whirlpool bath as well as a sauna. It even has a walk-in closet.

There is even a large dining and living room, an office as well as a separate kitchen. And if you feel like you are in more need of spoil, then make use of your very own butler. He will attend to all of your wishes and needs during your stay. Leaving you with more time for yourself. Which could quite possibly be made use off at the hotel’s Spa.

And if your budget allows, you can begin this residence experience well before you have left your actual residence. Arrange to be picked up from your home airport and flown here on the hotel’s own private jet. You can expect a personalized experience giving you more time to enjoy your journey in complete relaxation.

Wellness Facilities

Restore your inner balance and mental well-being at the Dolder Grand Spa. Switzerland’s exclusive wellness facility. It is truly something special. 

Not only has it been awarded the Best Spa in Switzerland title, but it has also received awards as being the Spa that flaunts the best Interior design. In addition, it is one of the biggest spa complexes in the country. 

Its 4000 square meters, houses a swimming pool, a whirlpool terrace, a steam bath, a sanitarium, mixed sauna area, spa library, spa shop as well as spa suites. It even has separate treatment, fitness, and meditation rooms. 

And if that is not enough, you would also quite appreciate that there is a wide selection of spa treatments on offer that make use of exclusive, carefully selected products. 

Facials, massages and body rituals all await you. Leaving you with the rejuvenating feeling of being pampered. They even offer tailor-made wellbeing experiences that cater uniquely to your own personal needs. 

Gastronomic and Culinary Experiences

Indulge in innovative gourmet dishes at the hotel's in-house Saltz Restaurant. You are sure to have an incredible and mouth-watering culinary experience. On the stove is Heiko Nieder, a renowned chef who has received multiple awards including the "Rising Star of the Year" award given by Gault Milau. 

More so, the restaurant has welcomed many other awards and ratings, including 19 Gault Millau points as well as 2 Michelin Stars. 

There is no surprise as to why. Within this stylish atmosphere, you can enjoy a 10-course gourmet meal, that sees Nieder spoiling you with his latest creations. These defy classic tastes, offering a spectrum of flavors that knows no boundaries. 

To wash it all down with, you will quite appreciate the wide selection of fine wines and drinks that are on offer.

The hotel also organizes its own gourmet festival called the “Days of Culinary Masterpieces”. It sees world-renowned guest chefs from Switzerland as well as abroad, come together to celebrate the great art of gastronomic seduction. 

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