#HikeSA, Week 4: Cliff Path - My Absolute Favourite

After walking 5kms along the world famous cliff path in Hermanus, I positioned myself on a memorial park beach that overlooks Walker Bay to take in the sunset.

This was the perfect vantage point for whale watching, I thought. I visited in February, so it was rare that I would actually have the chance to spot them. They usually come into the bay from June to October each year to mate and carve.

This nature lover’s paradise is rejuvenating and the perfect place to quite your busy mind after a long day. The air is crisp and clear that locals refer to it as “Champagne air” and I can only imagine it is because of the sweetly scented fynbos that lay all around me.

I was startled by the sudden movement of nature lovers and fitness freaks that came running past me and then continuing along the clearly marked paved pathway. I noticed others with a leash in hand taking their dogs on a gentle scroll. What a life these people live.

I continued along the path, and occasionally stopped to read the information boards that peppered the pathways. From these, I learned how cardinal whales are here, and in just a few steps I learned the sizes of these creatures, how they breach and how many different types there were. I even learned about the history of Hermanus.

Undoubtedly, whales are the main attraction here, but the diversity of this scenery doesn’t get enough credit. The 12km stretch boasts a fascinating range of the flora and fauna, sun kissed cliff faces that plummet down onto private beaches and tidal pools, secluded forest glades, mountain views and multimillion rand houses that line the pathway all the way from New Harbour to Grotto Beach.

Out of all the beautiful places I have visited in South Africa, I would have to rank this one in as my absolute favourite.

I didn’t know where to look or what I wanted to photograph first. I was in my element. After venturing off the path I landed up at this secluded beach, and snapped a couple of shots.

The entire path is really worth getting a sweat on for, and you definitely won’t be disappointed. You can access the path at just about any point along the route, and if you get to tired to walk back you can always call a Tuk Tuk to come and collect you.

Planning a visit? Get in touch with Whale Crier. They offer guided cliff path walks during the whale season!

Here are a few more images to get you excited for your visit!

They also have these planet boards on the ground to educate you of planetary movements.

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