Venture to Iceland


We always knew that photography can make an echo. When you look at a picture you start thinking, you start wondering whats going on here. Who are the people in this picture?

Images create a movement, they inspire something to happen. They help the subject, or challenge views of a stereotype, they inform and educate or they make people aware that we are all the same. We share the same basic needs and wants in life.

Where ever there is a war there is a life next to it. If there is a funeral on the right, you can have a baby just born on the left. It’s like a smile in the middle of the rubble.

We believe children are the victims of any real conflict. Children all over the world share the same thing in common - they just want to be happy. And they don't get to choose where to get born, or the circumstances around them.

Through our pictures and scripts, we inspire to opening people’s eyes by making it closer to the heart, by getting to know more about the subject.


A picture in a way or another, becomes the voice of the subject from that side of the world to another.

Photography is a powerful tool to create change.

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Project contributors: Chantelle Flores{Photography} & Babalwa Fatyi{Scripts & thought provoking statements}









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